Azshara Quesline Guide (HORDE)

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Azshara Quesline Guide (HORDE)

Post  Softserve on Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:31 pm

Welcome to Hells - Legion Funserver

Here are a few tips before we begin the guide!

Everyone has the .buff command, this allows you to put buffs on yourself to ease leveling and even raiding in the long run. So don't be afraid to macro this and place it on your toolbar!

Next, To talk in chat you must type .chat . It will display your name and faction as well!

This is a personal macro I use to make things easier while leveling! Create a macro with the following:
/use Satan's Favorite Cake

Now let's begin!

Congratulations on the full set of purple loot! You're looking quite fancy now! I bet you're wondering when you're going to get rid of these crappy blue off set pieces! Well I've got the answer! Azshara Crater! Head on over to your local World Teleporter to get started!

When you arrive at Azshara crater you will meet a nice Horde recruiter! Accept his task Call to arms Azshara.

Turn this quest in to Juggernaut The Fearless in the hut behind the Horde Recruiter!

(NOTE: Quest rewards require reputation to equip, when the quest is completed you receive the required reputation for each piece.

He will then give you two tasks!

Under Our Noses - Kill 6 silverwing sentinals!

Being Resourceful - Gather 4 Steel turtle shells & 4 Crocolisk leather

(NOTE): This is Stoneamus Blastblade! He will sell you the other options for quest gear when you have obtained the required reputation)

Now turn in the quest to Juggernaut the Fearless!
He will now give you the quest Press On, We must now report to Lukaroox!

Lukaroox is located just down the road in this watch tower!

Lukaroox then gives you 2 new tasks!

Step Brothas, requires you to kill 5 Berserkers!

Dere's a Traita Among us..., gather the horde battle plans from a Deadeye Jinja

After completion you will be given the task
Man in the shadows.

Outlandish Shadowgrave is located in this watch tower at the top of it.

He then gives you the quest
Ancient Afflictions.

All you must do is kill 6 naga!

After completing this task you will be given
Partner Problems.

Dylon Plaguejaw is located just beyond where the nagas were located on the hill on your right hand side.

Dylon will then give you Unholy Emergence.

You must kill 6 imps, 4 nagas, and 3 core hounds to obtain your key!

This quest is turned in back at your faction specific starting zone!

Once completed you're now eligible for the quest
The Forbidden One.

Kill McCrick and begin your dual class quest!

(NOTE: McCrick is a raid boss, you may need multiple people to kill him and complete this quest.)


Here is an Azshara Crater Map with the locations of each of the quests! It is a rough map I know, bear with me!

For more information on the Dual class quest please visit my Guide! Thank you!


0:00 - 0:24 Call to Arms: Azshara Crater
0:30 - 5:42 Being Resourceful/ Under our noses
5:49 - 6:56 Press On
6:58 - 10:15 Step Brothas/Dere's a traita among us
10:33 - 11:32 Man in the shadows
11:33 - 14:43 Ancient Afflictions
14:47 - 15:34 Partner Problems
15:38 - 19:36 Unholy Emergence

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Re: Azshara Quesline Guide (HORDE)

Post  Hydra on Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:04 am

And after the questline prepare to spend hours and hours in AC trying to get your items to actually drop!

Excellent guide btw! Smile


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Re: Azshara Quesline Guide (HORDE)

Post  McCrick on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:32 pm

Love the guides you made, it helps the new players so much! Good job! cheers 

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Re: Azshara Quesline Guide (HORDE)

Post  Avenger on Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:21 pm

Yet again, another amazing job, Softserve. I went ahead and took the liberty of making the thread a sticky so more people to check out.


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Re: Azshara Quesline Guide (HORDE)

Post  Airplane on Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:32 am

Holy crap!!.....McCrick's emoticon has arms affraid


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Re: Azshara Quesline Guide (HORDE)

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