Azshara Questline Guide (ALLIANCE)

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Azshara Questline Guide (ALLIANCE)

Post  Softserve on Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:38 pm

Welcome to Wretched - Wow Funserver

Here are a few tips before we begin the guide!

Everyone has the .buff command, this allows you to put buffs on yourself to ease leveling and even raiding in the long run. So don't be afraid to macro this and place it on your toolbar!

Next, To talk in chat you must type .chat . It will display your name and faction as well!

This is a personal macro I use to make things easier while leveling! Create a macro with the following:
/use Satan's Favorite Cake

Now let's begin!

Congratulations on the full set of purple loot! You're looking quite fancy now! I bet you're wondering when you're going to get rid of these crappy blue off set pieces! Well I've got the answer! Azshara Crater! Head on over to your local World Teleporter to get started!

Say hello the the Alliance recruiter! He will be your doorway to the next set of epics!

He gives you the quest "Call to arms: Azshara Crater". Simply enter the hut behind him and talk to Field Commander Abrios!

Field Commander Abrios then appoints you two new quests which are located just outside the alliance base!

(NOTE: If you jump off the right side of the cliff immediately after leaving the base you will find a group of both the mobs needed for these two quests)

65,340,285 Boars later...

Rats in the Hole

Now you simply turn them back in at Field Commander Abrios!

(NOTE: The quest rewards here at Azshara Crater require reputation before equipping. Don't worry after completion you are provided with the required reputation for the items)

Field Commander Abrios will then give you the quest "Sly Spy"

Leave the base and follow the road under the bridge, after you're completely under the bridge take an immediate left.

Here you will see an encampment of Wolverine's and Sly trapped in a cage!

Sly will now give you two more quests!

"Furypaw Frenzy"

Kill six Wolverines!

Unlocking the lock is a knot. Simply murder the faces of the wolverines until you obtain a key!

After freeing Sly he will give you the quest "Finding the spellbinder"

Get back on the road and look for this tower!

She is all the way at the top!

You're then given the quest "Ancient Afflictions"

Kill 6 nagas, which are located right down the road at the ancient ruins!

After completing the Naga Genocide you will be given the quest
"Loose Ends"

Go towards the Naga Ruins and you will find a path leading to another area! There will also be a world teleporter here! There will be two hills of which you may climb, the one on the Left is the alliance and the one on the Right is the horde!

This little robot will then give you the quest
"Unholy Emergence"

You will be asked to kill 6 imps

4 more nagas

And 3 Core hounds

(NOTE: The Core Hounds, hit like a truck but can be CC'd)

Congratulations you'er almost done! After completing the killing portion of this quest head on over to that oddly placed world teleporter and head back to the beginning of Azshara Crater to turn in your quest to Field Commander Abrios!

(NOTE: STONAMUS BLASTBLADE Sells the quest items you just earned in case you needed the healing set for an offspec! Check him out)

Are you done? Hah! No way! You're next quest is called "The Forbidden one"

The watchful eye of perception will give you this quest! He is located back where the core hounds and imps were located past the naga ruins!

Now this part may be confusing so pay close attention to the screenshots! This quest requires you to kill Overlord McCrick! He is in his temple which is hidden by the mortal eye and protected by his lovely Pooch so make sure you have a raid group before entering!

Right beside the eye will be this gate! Don't get too close!

Pooch protects this gate! Once he is defeated you may pass!

Now all you must do is walk up the path and get past the gate!

This is McCrick! Enjoy beating his face in!

Once completed leave the temple and get back on the path! Take your first right towards the small broken ruins! But don't get too close! Go past the "avenger" Portal and swim through the water to turn your quest into Kytalya Soulshaper!


Here is an Azshara Crater Map with the locations of each of the quests! It is a rough map I know, bear with me!

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Re: Azshara Questline Guide (ALLIANCE)

Post  Avenger on Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:19 am

Another excellent guide, Softserve. Thank you for doing so much to contribute to the server! Very Happy


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