Argent Crusade Rep Guide (Neutral to Exalted)

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Argent Crusade Rep Guide (Neutral to Exalted)

Post  Quiet on Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:37 pm

I know that this guide might be considered a bit dumb by experienced players on the server. But there are a lot of new players out there that don't really understand exactly how to get rep with this place, and might not know how to start or continue at certain points. So I wanted to make a guide I can reference people to when I hear the question "How do I get Argent Crusade rep?".

Before we continue, lets state this. You cannot get Argent Crusade Rep in any other way except this. All the NPC's that could give you AC rep have been removed.

Why should I even worry about Argent Crusade Rep?

Well, there are many reasons why.

  • To get the best in slot Wand/Thrown/Idol/Libram/Totem

  • If you want to do any of the 5-man custom instances, you will need the keys, which are obtained by AC rep

  • If you want to do any of the Tier 3 raids, you will need keys as well.

  • [Horn of the Dread Gargoyle] if you're into that kind of thing

Neutral to Friendly

When you are at Avengers place (the last boss of Azshara Crater) the quest lady is right outside of his chamber. Accept the quest from her, and kill Avenger. After you turn it in, you will be Friendly with AC! (Note that Avenger takes a raid group of 10+ people)

Friendly to Honored

After turning in the previous quest, she will now direct you to a man called Ozmoses, located in the Forge of Souls (FoS) instance. Before you are ready for that, go to the east of the main center of the mall where the Argent Crusade quartermaster is and buy the FoS key.

FoS is a 5-man instance, and will require some pretty decent DPS, so having most of your T2 set from AC and weapons is recommended.

You are now free to go into FoS. Ozmoses will give you a quest to obtain an item called [Corruption for Dummies] and it drops just about off any mob in the place. All you gotta do is pick it up, and the NPC to turn in the quest will be at the end, near the last boss of the instance. He will give you a quest to kill the last boss standing right in front of you.

After that quest, talk to the NPC again and turn it in. He will direct you to an NPC back in the Mall called Ktayla. She is back at the place where the Argent Crusade quartermaster is located gives you Honored status once you turn this quest in.

Honored to Revered

Ktayla will now give you a quest to go to Burning Steppes. Simply go there and talk to Avenger, and take the portal. This will send you off for several different quests, each vary depending on your faction. Most of the time, these shouldn't require help, and all these should be done in 30 mins or less.

The completion of these quests will get you Revered, and now you can get the key to Black Rock Depths (BRD) and the dailies are now unlocked.

Molten Core (MC) Key is not directly apart of the Argent Crusade, but you have to have it to get the key. There is a quest when you first go into BRD to do. You have to kill the first and the third bosses for the quest. After that, turn it in, you have the key to Molten Core.

Revered to Exalted?

Getting from Revered to Exalted is different from the other ones. This time, there is no main quest, and you can get rep by:

  • Doing the daily quests in the Burning Steppes

  • Doing AC dailies for Heroism badges, which are turned in for Commendations

This process usually takes about a week and a half. Afterwards, though, you can now get into Black Wing Lair (BWL).

And thats about it. You're done! Congrats on Exalted.

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Re: Argent Crusade Rep Guide (Neutral to Exalted)

Post  McCrick on Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:14 pm

Nice guide. Made it a Sticky

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Re: Argent Crusade Rep Guide (Neutral to Exalted)

Post  Mawshaw on Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:56 pm

Nice guide! Hopefully people will take notice to this guide, and realize the importance of actually getting to exalted with The Argent Crusade.

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Re: Argent Crusade Rep Guide (Neutral to Exalted)

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