Hunter T3 armor

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Hunter T3 armor

Post  Barokajin on Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:10 am

Hi, this is Keja.

So I was looking at the new hunter gear and I noticed that a lot of the stats are a very small increase from T2
in regards to the effort put in acquiring it.For starters, you put +20-25
intellect on it, which I think is useless considering we get enough intellect from the gear itself, this
should probably be replaced with agility, which is actually useful. Second, you say
warriors are getting their gear upgraded to have +25 strength, why do warriors get a
stat they actually need that increases their dps, and hunters don't? I realize this is the whole well if one
person does it, you all gotta do it kind of situation, but the facts remain the same. Regardless if warriors get
their stats or not, +25 intellect doesn't help hunters in any sense, and agility would be
much more beneficial. That being said, I think all T3 gear should have it's stats buffed,
at least the core stats like agility, strength, crit, hit, and haste. The attack power and stamina are fine, but
the stats you currently have on it are so useless, it's just like adding a gem slot to the gear, and it's hardly
worth spending 4 hours in a raid trying to get 15 people a token that has to be fought over.

ALSO (I know, it's a lot) I think the equip effect you have on T2 and T3 helms should be something different. 6-7k crits on serpent sting are nice and all, but it hardly makes a difference in the grand scheme of things. Paladins get their T10 bonus which is amazing if you equip a dagger, warlocks get a percentage increase to damage, warriors get a decrease on rage abilities, and every other class gets something that actually helps them do more dps, while hunters just have something that increases a small percentage of one attack. I think the bonus should be something along the lines of:
percentage increase to chimera shot or black arrow, 30% increased chance to proc Improved Steady Shot on serpent sting ticks, T10 2 set OR 4 set bonus, T9 4 set bonus, T8 4 set bonus, T3 4 set bonus (scaled of course).

T10 4 set bonus: When serpent sting ticks, you have a 5% chance to gain 20% attack power.
T10 2 set bonus: Auto shots have a 5% chance to cause you and your pet to do 15% more damage for 10 seconds.
T9 4 set bonus: Each ranged hit has a chance to increase attack power by 600. (scaled)
T8 4 set bonus: Steady shot has a chance to increase attack power by 600 for 15 seconds. (scaled)
T3 4 set bonus: While your pet is active, increases you and your pet's attack power by 50. (scaled)

ALSO (lol) pvp helm equip effect sucks. Put something else on it, please.


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