Server Updates 11/4/20113

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Server Updates 11/4/20113 Empty Server Updates 11/4/20113

Post  Avenger on Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:22 pm

Now that we've seen the new content in public, McCrick and I have decided to make a few changes/fixes with the new content. Here is a list for you all to see if you are interested, enjoy Smile


  • Molten Core and Blackwing Lair will now drop 2 tokens each boss!
  • The daily Blackrock Depths quest has been changed to apply to Forge of Souls! CLEAR YOUR CACHE!

Burning Steppes

  • Magma Lord's loot table has been reworked. He will now drop PvP Tokens, while still also dropping his previous hidden item (Can't wait to see who gets it first Razz).
  • Commendation of Bravery have been removed from Chest loot tables and were replaced wtih PvP Tokens.

Molten Core

  • Emberscale Mystic's have had their brood affliction stun removed. This was replaced with Poison Nova.
  • Magmadar has gained a new ability, Earth Rumble! (Inflicts 110% physical damage upon the raid)
  • Skaldra has gained a new ability, Dragonic Rage! (New phase type ability that increases damage and casting speed by 50%)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few typos on the quest "Screaming Spirits".


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