Update 10/1/2013 - Scarlet Halls!

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Update 10/1/2013 - Scarlet Halls! Empty Update 10/1/2013 - Scarlet Halls!

Post  McCrick on Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:02 pm

**Please delete your cache for this update**

- Double vote points for the next few days because vote sites have been reset.

- Tier 1 stats has been lowered by about 100 stamina and 100 damaging stats.

- Tier 1.5 Has been released with the old stats that Tier 1 had previously. This set can be obtained by farming Scarlet Halls.

- Scarlet Halls Soloable Content Easy mode and Hard mode has been released.
     Scarlet Halls Coin rewards can be found outside of the dungeons.
- Teleporter has been redesigned to help new players.

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