Proffesions and VIP package

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Proffesions and VIP package

Post  Summer on Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:32 pm

This is how I see it should be with the VIP package and with proffesions.

Make NPCs that teach you Grand master in whichever proffesion you choose. You can only have 2 ofcourse.
Add vendors that got all the needed mats for every proffesion. Make them cost some gold, that way we can still use gold as a currency, it got a good start now but doesn't hurt to add some more shit we can spend gold on.
If needed also add vendors that got all the recipes for every proffesion aswell.

VIP Package aka the donor stone:
Remove the VIP only gems. They aren't really a big deal to begin with. And at the current moment you need to contact a GM for every toon you want JC gems on, so it's quite the hassle.
Vip's should be able to do commands, such as .vipappear .utility changerace .utility changefaction, these commands should be available to VIP's. But then again 25 dollars for these kind of commands is very cheap. So I would suggest that you make the price around 35 - 40 dollars instead of 25 bucks. I wouldnt mind giving 10 extra dollars for these benefits as a VIP. And don't be afraid of people not buying the change faction tokens. They will. Not everyone would want to spend 35 dollars on something that is free to begin with. But there are loads that would spend money on getting these kind of commands.
The nitro boost are still alright, since you can't enchant your gear with anything yet. But when that time comes we could probably come up with something else that VIP's can get instead of the nitro booster's.

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Re: Proffesions and VIP package

Post  Texmon on Sat Dec 07, 2013 2:10 am

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