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Gamemaster - Islam Ahmed  Empty Gamemaster - Islam Ahmed

Post  ragoislam on Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:23 am


Islam Ahmed - Nickname: Izzy


15, but told I am very mature.



All Characters(IE: Name/Level/Class):

Skeetshotzz Level 100 Marksmanship Hunter

Why do you want to be part of the Corrupted Champions Staff:

I see much potential in Hells Legion and I'd like to be part of its development and growth, I also want to help newcomers as they're introduced into the server

Time Zone and the times you can be online per day(usually):

GMT +3, Weekdays 4-6 hours on Weekends I can be on as much as possible.

Do you play retail and are you in a end game raiding guild that requires you to be online at certain times?

Yes, I do play retail and my guild is Currently in ToT Heroic but I am not needed in most raids, so I have time.

Any previous experience you had with being a Game Master/Dev/Moderator/Admin:

I've been a GM in a server called Free-WoW but it shutdown eventually, it was brief but I got to know what its like to be a GM

Do you have any experience with running/owning a WoW Private Sever?


Do you have any examples of your work?

Well I don't have proof that I was a GM, but I deal with situations with caution and before making a decision I consult a higher authority, if available, if not I see the most possible helpful and/or reasonable way to act.

How are you with people (e.g. patience, understanding, helpful, etc.):

I'm actually a people person and I know many people who can say the same, I have low temper and I'm VERY patient, and I'm able to understand the person before me. Also I don't let personal relationships get in the way of my position as a GM.

Can you handle orders, or do you prefer giving orders yourself:

Depending on the situation. Yes, I can handle orders and I can also give them, but I prefer handling them and knowing what to do its all more experience for me.

Do you have Ventrilo with a working mic?

Yes, I have Ventrilo and a working mic

What do you expect from Hells Legion?

I expect it to be one of the best private servers there is, I think its unique and its capable of that.

Do you know anything about scripting C++?


Anything else you want us to know:

Well my Skype contact info is Izzoku122, and I'm really hoping to be a contribution to this server, thank you and good day.


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Gamemaster - Islam Ahmed  Empty Re: Gamemaster - Islam Ahmed

Post  McCrick on Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:20 pm


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