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Post  maniac874 on Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:48 pm

Name: Brandon Lange

Age: 17

Country: USA

All Characters(IE: Name/Level/Class):
Reaper, level 100, Arms Warrior
Ghost, level 43, Balance Druid

Why do you want to be part of the Corrupted Champions Staff:
I feel like i can bring a lot to this server, helping a new server is one of the best things to do, you get to see them evolve into being one of the best servers out there, and i know this server has the capability to be #1. Every person i have helped out or met through WoW hasn't given me a negative comment towards this server, it has always been positive.

Time Zone and the times you can be online per day(usually):
Pacific Time Zone

Do you play retail and are you in a end game raiding guild that requires you to be online at certain times?
Nope, i dislike retail due to the expansion, even if i was in a end game raiding guild, i would discontinue being in that guild to be here working.

Any previous experience you had with being a Game Master/Dev/Moderator/Admin:
Yes, i have been a GM for Unforgivenwow and OmegaWoW, both of those servers were closed for unknown reasons, i helped fix tickets, players.

Do you have any experience with running/owning a WoW Private Sever?
Yes, i used to run my own TrinityCore server and Arcemu server, i made it public for a few days but i couldnt increase the player flow on my own. I'm extremely familiar with both commands from TrinityCore and Arcemu (if ever needed from Arcemu), i have the Trinity GM Helper addon that allows me to click a few buttons and open a ticket window if needed. The addon helps alot more than that.

Do you have any examples of your work?
I dont have any proof that i actually was a GM, i can give you examples of tickets i closed etc...
I had a player who kept making a ticket saying he "voted for an item" but it never came in. I kept telling him he needed to show me the confirmation order number, but he kept insisting i give him his vote points back. I contacted an admin that handled vote point orders and donation orders. I waited for orders from a higher level officer before punishing the player. This guy was spamming tickets insisting we give him "HIS" vote points back, we ended up banning him for 1 day. He came back the following day realizing that we were serious and he stopped making tickets.

How are you with people (e.g. patience, understanding, helpful, etc.):
I'm a teamplayer, im very helpful and patient, as i said in the above paragraph i didn't just ban him as soon as i could to get the problem over with. I wanted to listen to what he had to say, what the problem was, and i waited for an admin to come in to help solve the problem. I listen to players and i understand them very well. I won't take out my aggression on the players, i will only channel my aggression(if i have any) into my work, to help solve the problem with ease, so the players can get moving back into the game, and to make their gameplay alot more enjoyable.

Can you handle orders, or do you prefer giving orders yourself:
I handle orders extremely well, the officers and admins above me have been here longer than i have, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with listening to your higher ranked officers. I will never give orders myself unless instructed by an admin to handle the situation on my own.

Do you have Ventrilo with a working mic?
Yes and i have skype and raidcall in case vent breaks down or their is something wrong with it, i do not mind getting on vent at all.

What do you expect from Hells Legion?
I just want to help the server out as much as i can, i'm a very creative person, so if you ever needed anyone to help with events or whatever it is you guys need, im here for you. I want this server to be more enjoyable to the players more than anything, and i know i can accomplish this task.

Do you know anything about scripting C++?
I took a C++ coding class in high school, my junior year i took AP Computer Science, it was a pretty tough class, i walked out with a "B" but if i can get back into the rhythm if things, i might be able to help out with coding if needed. But it was a pretty tough course.

Anything else you want us to know:
Again, im a teamplayer, i dont mind taking orders from higher ranked officers, i will be bringing as much as i can to the table to ensure the greatness of this server. I know this server will go far, there is nothing stopping this server from getting to Rank 1 where it is suppose to be. I also speak Spanish fluently, so if any spanish players come along, i will be more than happy to help them out.

Hope to hear back from you guys soon, love this server, stay awesome everyone.


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