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Post  gamer122 on Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:22 pm

The voting system right now is pretty well, but I see room for improvement.
Such as adding items or tiers of voting.

First Tier should cost like 6 vote per piece
(1 day of voting = 1 piece)

Second Tier should cost like 12 votes per piece
(2 days of voting = 1 piece)

So on and so on tell 1 week of voting to max tier....

This would encourage continual voting even for players that have good gear but want the best vote gear....
Also players that are stuck and having troubles soloing will be able to get some more better pieces that will help them continue in playing this server and encourage them to stay. Yet don't make the last tier better then some of the in-game items to encourage people still to play in-game and not just wait and vote unless that's all they want to do. It still would be a long wait. Also this would bring lots of votes in to the server and being able to advertise the server for a higher community. We all know 9/10 times most people find servers through those list.

Also another idea is add some vote items that compare to the tier items just you can vote for them so if your having trouble you can take the time and a few weeks to get some good tier weapons.


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Voting Idea's Empty Re: Voting Idea's

Post  Softserve on Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:28 pm

Simple enough


My only issue is making the gear equal to gear people actually work for. That part can be improved a bit, whether it be better or worse.

Thank you!

Best regards


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